Become a referee

If you wish to become a football referee you can attend a referees’ training course run in partnership with the Football Association and Durham County Football Association. The minimum age for candidates is 14 years of age.

The course covers the Laws of Association Football and includes an FA Safeguarding Children Workshop and FA Criminal Record Check (CRC). At the conclusion of the course each candidate sits a written examination and a verbal question and answer examination at the Durham County Football Association office in Chester-le-Street, Co Durham.

Successful candidates will become registered referees with Durham County Football Association and are eligible to join the Darlington Referees’ Society.

Course Fees

A fee of £100 is required from each candidate to attend a training course. The money is paid to Durham County Football Association; the charge is the national rate that is directed by the Football Association.

Enrol on the referees course

If you would like to enrol for the next course or you would like further information about becoming a football referee please contact the Darlington Society Secretary George Cornforth:

If you live outside the Darlington area and you wish to become a referee please refer to the local societies page.